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Enjoy one of the oldest forms of gambling in a modern online format! The keno casino game is one of the most popular online bitcoin casino lotteries. It's pretty easy to understand why when you begin playing it. You can enjoy online keno games for real money at mBitcasino on any device. We offer a generous variety of keno games from various game providers. You can pick one depending on the style, theme, and even by a gut feeling. But first…

What is Keno?

2,000 years. Originating from China, the game used to have symbols instead of the numbers it presently displays. The game first arrived in America in the 1840s with the first Chinese immigrants and became popular at the beginning of the 20th century.

The original game of keno dates way back, as far as ancient China. The legend has it that the invention of the keno gambling game actually saved an ancient city from ruin in a time of war. The more popular belief is that this was how they afforded to pay for building the Great Wall of China. Regardless of what's real or false, it's safe to say that the keno lottery was and still is an incredibly exciting gambling experience.

Today, video keno games online are more popular than ever since they don't require the physical presence of players at a brick-and-mortar casino. Moreover, software providers always want to one-up each other and bring something new to the table. That's why many modern bitcoin keno games will have different themes incorporated, such as the superhero, holidays, slot variants, monopoly, and so much more!

On top of that, players can use cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, BCH, and USDT to make easier, safer, and faster cashouts.

The success of its endurance over the years can be attributed to its simplicity. The player is required to pick a set of numbers and wait for the result of the draw. Depending on how many numbers are declared winners and how much you've wagered, you receive a prize.

Any player can try their odds with the keno gambling game. Whether a novice or experienced gambler, keno online is a game of chance you won't want to miss out on.

Keno Lottery Game Strategy

The beauty of this lottery gambling game stands in its simplicity; the game involves drawing random numbers for a prize. Since the outcome is based on sheer luck and no need for complicated strategies, any player, whether a novice or veteran, can enjoy participating in keno lotto games.

As with any other online bitcoin casino game, players can, for example, play the keno lottery for free before placing a crypto wager. With so many variations of lottery games on display, you should get acquainted with the gameplay and rules.

Because the outcome of every keno casino games real money win is based on luck, using strategies have little to no influence on the result. However, that doesn't mean that listening to your gut or using a few strategies that avid players swear by won't lead to some wins.

You can always modify your playing style by choosing cold numbers (the ones that haven't been picked in a while), or choosing hot numbers (the ones that seemed to have won lately). You could also go with your lucky number combinations and bet with crypto.

Keep in mind that no strategy can change the result of the draw as the numbers are picked arbitrary by random number generators. Make sure to play in demo mode before placing a wager and get used to the gameplay and special rules of the specific keno game you've chosen.

Online Casino Keno Games

Various themes, game rules, special bonuses, graphics, and animations make online keno games stand out from their land-based counterparts. Game providers are always coming up with new ways to improve the gaming experience of players. High-quality graphics, cool sound effects, and entertaining soundtracks make the entire gameplay very fun and engaging.

There's a generous collection at mBitcasino, where you can find all kinds of keno games. Pick your favorite and enjoy!

Play Keno Games Online at mBitcasino

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gambler, keno is a great way to wager your favorite crypto coin available at mBitcasino: BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, BCH, and USDT. You can rest assured that each gameplay is safe and the cashouts fast. And you have a lot of games to choose from. We offer a wide variety of lottery bitcoin games from various game providers like Evolution, Ka Gaming, Belatra, Spinomenal, BGAMING, Evoplay, and others. We also regularly add new game providers and casino games to the delight of our members.

Moreover, you get to choose the device you want to play keno on! As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can enjoy a bitcoin keno game on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Start playing at our crypto casino and makes waves on the most lucrative online lotteries!