Sweet Bonanza Candyland

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Speed Baccarat 1

Crazy Time

Roulette 1 - Azure

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Mega Roulette

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Baccarat 1

Blackjack 45 - Ruby

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ONE Blackjack

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Speed Baccarat 10

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Mega Wheel

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Blackjack 6 - Azure

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ONE Blackjack 2 - Ruby

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Baccarat 6

Andar Bahar

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Speed Baccarat 11

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Speed Baccarat 12

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Speed Baccarat 13

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Speed Baccarat 2

Speed Baccarat 3

Speed Baccarat 5

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Speed Baccarat 6

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Roulette 3 - Macao

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Speed Baccarat 7

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Blackjack 50 - Ruby

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Speed Baccarat 8

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Speed Baccarat 9

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Roulette 10 - Ruby

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Roulette 2

RTP 97.3%

Blackjack 5 - Azure

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Roulette 4 - Russian

VIP Roulette - The Club

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Blackjack 4 - Azure

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Baccarat 2

Blackjack 38 - Ruby

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Baccarat 3

Live Dealer Bitcoin Games, Live Casino BTC Blackjack

Live dealer games at the online casinos have become one of the most popular ways to enjoy online gambling. Something of a cross between land-based gambling and online gambling, live dealer games allow players to physically see the action unfold in front of their eyes via a live stream from another location.

There will be a real-life dealer that will control the game using a physical table and physical playing cards or roulette wheel depending on the game that is being played. Players will place their bets and will get to see the physical result of their spin, turn or game.

Most online casinos will have a live dealer suite of games such as Blackjack and Roulette and will also have a variety of other games that can be enjoyed in the same way too. These are usually very well populated with other players and you might occasionally have to wait a little while for a seat to become available.

Once a seat is found, players are presented with an excellent online gambling experience that is as close to playing at a land-based casino that you are going to get. Real-life dealers that are actual people will be running your games and you will hopefully walk away a winner.

Live Dealer Games Popularity

Apart from the obvious unique experience that a live dealer game provides for players, there are other reasons for their popularity.

The biggest of these reasons is without a doubt down to the fact that players can see with their own eyes how a result was determined. There is no random number generator software behind these games that determine the results.

Although RNG software is completely random and always regulated by gambling authorities, players will always understandably trust their own eyes over that of a piece of software.

Another reason is the ability to in some cases interact with the dealer or other players that are enjoying the game. This can really add to the experience and is the reason why live dealer games are often frequented more than the software based casino table games at an online casino.

Mechanics of Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are usually transmitted from custom-built studios or from real-life casinos that are fully operational. With the latter, you will even see real players walking around and enjoying the action in the land-based casinos.

Once your bet has been placed via this interface, the live dealer will operate the game to determine the result. Sophisticated software that is capable of reading the cards, wheel or whatever aspect of the game required, will then calculate whether you have won or lost and will payout your winnings or take your bet respectively.

Once this has all be done, you are then ready for the next spin or game should you decide to play on. You then just keep on playing until you earn a decent profit or have decided that today is not your lucky day.

Types of Live Dealer Games

Since live dealer games first hit our screens there have been a number of games added that players can now enjoy in a live dealer setting.

There are the obvious table games that you will know from land-based casinos such as RouletteBlackjack and Baccarat but there is also a selection of different variations of these games available as well.

There will be speed versions, multi-wheel versions, versions that allow multiple players to play and other versions that will have slight variations of the rules or some new twists added.

With so many different variations out there, make sure you understand that particular games rules before you go wagering any real money. Perhaps play the free version first to get yourself acquainted.

Mobile Live Dealer Games

While you might think these live dealer games will only be accessible for those of you that have desktop computers, most of these games can actually be enjoyed on mobile devices as well.

Online casinos have moved fast to ensure that all games including live dealer games on their casino can be played on platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows 10. This means that if you are ever out and about and want to play live dealer games on the go, you can do easily and efficiently no matter what device it is that you are holding in your hand.

Whether it is Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat or any other type of live dealer game, you can now enjoy them on your tablet or smartphone as well as on your home computer. You can play on a lunch break, when you are waiting in line or the next time you are sat on a bus.

Tips When Playing Live Dealer Games

There are tons of tips out there for each of the particular table games that you can play on live dealer suites but we are going to be speaking in general about all of them.

First of all, you should always make sure you understand the rules of the particular game that you are going to be playing. You should remember that there are variations of the original games out there as well, so the rules are likely to differ a little bit. Take the time to learn the rules before you play any of these games as you will want to give yourself the best chance of success when you do play them.

Another tip would be to ensure that you practise good bankroll management when playing live dealer games. This means setting yourself weekly or monthly limits of how much you will win or lose before calling it a day. This will help to protect you from chasing losses or staying too long and losing your money.

You should also make sure that you have done your research on the online casino that you will be playing the live dealer games on. Not all casinos are the same, so some will be better than others in various ways. Some of them will offer excellent bonuses, have a better selection of games and have faster transaction times, so make sure the online casino you play at meets your requirements.

Finally, you should consider playing at Bitcoin Casinos instead of traditional online casinos. There are a number of reasons why you should play at Bitcoin Casinos as we will highlight below.

Playing Live Dealer Games with Bitcoins

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now as you might know and they can now be used at various online casinos instead of the standard and traditional flat currencies.

These cryptocurrencies are known for being safer, faster and cheaper to get on and off online casinos so it is little wonder they have become the currency of choice for many players at the casinos online.

For the reasons above, there are now a number of Bitcoin Casinos that have been designed and released specifically for the cryptocurrencies that have been trending massively over the last few years.

They will have a lower house edge and will provide players with plenty of savings. These savings will be made due to lower transaction fees as there are no banks involved. Furthermore, all transactions of cryptocurrencies will be practically instant too.