Loyalty Terms

1. The Loyalty Program is meant to create a challenging and exciting environment for all mBitcasino users.
2. The Loyalty Program season will last until July 2nd, 2024.
3. Each user is signed into the Loyalty Program by starting to play. The Journey begins on Earth and finishes on The Moon. Progress is gained through Status Points and the small rocket shows your current progress. The Loyalty Program has the following planets: Earth, Dreamland II, Frenzy III, Zeal IV, Pizazz V, Thrillium VI, Bliss VII, Euphoria VIII, Cloud IX, The Moon.
4. To move from one planet to another, you need to ⁠gain the required Status Points amount. To get Status Points, all you need to do is play. The total amount of bets placed, also called the amount wagered, will be directly transferred into progress as follows: 1 Status Point for each 500 USDT wagered amount (real and bonus funds) or any cryptocurrency equivalent (1 Status Point = 0.018 BTC or 4.70 BCH or 0.28 ETH or 6.50 LTC or 8100 DOGE or 675 XRP).
5. For faster progress in the Loyalty Program, acquiring any levels within the Community Arcade will automatically grant you from 5% to 20% faster Status Points and Bitty Coins generation.
6. With each Status Point gained, you will automatically receive a Bitty Coin (1 Status Point = 1 Bitty Coin). Bitty Coins are comp points you can use to exchange for cash bonuses in any of the cryptocurrencies supported by the website. 1 Bitty Coins = 0.1 USDT or any other cryptocurrency equivalent (1 Bitty Coin = 0.00000374 BTC or 0.0000940 BCH or 0.0000580 ETH or 0.001300 LTC or 1.63 DOGE or 0.14 XRP). Bitty Coins can be exchanged from within “My Account” section inside your profile Dashboard. You can view your Bitty Coin balance in the Loyalty section inside your profile Dashboard. As the number of Status Points matches the number of Bitty Coins,
there can be as many Bitty Coins as there can be Status Points, except if gained from promotions outside the Loyalty Program.
6.1. Another way to acquire Bitty Coins is through our Discord-hosted Community Arcade.
7. The Loyalty Program comes with exciting benefits, such as Planet Bonuses, Weekly Free Spins (every Monday), Weekly Reloads (every Friday), Daily cashback, and Bitty Coins. These benefits are either available with planet Earth or unlocked as you progress. The higher you get, the better these benefits will become.
8. Planet Bonuses are benefits that can be collected only once per planet per season, starting with planet Zeal IV. These bonuses are automatically added to each player’s account the moment they land on the planet. The Planet Bonuses should be enabled from the Bonuses tab (in the course of 1 day, otherwise the bonus will expire) to be added to the balance and have a wagering requirement of 15x. The bonuses are sent in the selected currency of the account. The amounts are displayed in USDT (50 USDT, 150 USDT, 200 USDT, 300 USDT, 500 USDT, 1,000 USDT, 5,000 USDT) and will be credited in the user’s in-use cryptocurrency. Crypto equivalents for Planet Bonuses are as follows:

  • 50 USDT - 0.0018 BTC, 0.028 ETH, 0.46 BCH, 0.64 LTC, 808 DOG and 70 XRP;
  • 150 USDT- 0.0055 BTC, 0.086 ETH, 1.40 BCH, 1.95 LTC, 2,430 DOG and 200 XRP;
  • 200 USDT- 0.0074 BTC, 0.11 ETH, 1.87 BCH, 2.60 LTC, 3,244 DOG and 270 XRP;
  • 300 USDT- 0.011 BTC, 0.17 ETH, 2.82 BCH, 3.90 LTC, 4,865 DOG and 405 XRP;
  • 500 USDT- 0.018 BTC, 0.28 ETH, 4.70 BCH, 6.50 LTC, 8,100 DOG and 675 XRP;
  • 1,000 USDT- 0.037 BTC, 0.57 ETH, 9.40 BCH, 13 LTC, 16,220 DOG and 1350 XRP;
  • 5,000 USDT- 0.18 BTC, 2.90 ETH, 46 BCH, 64 LTC, 80,980 DOG and 6750 XRP

9. Weekly Free Spins are automatically credited once a week, on Monday, starting with the eligible planet Dreamland II. Season 5 features BGaming Free Spins at the same bet level for all planets and has a wagering requirement of 40x. They are being sent between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM UTC time zone.
9.1. To be eligible for the Weekly Free Spins, players need to deposit and wager a minimum of 30 USDT (0.00066 BTC, 0.01044 ETH, 0.2184 LTC, 0.0814 BCH, 287 DOGE, 27 XRP) in the last 7 days. The wager can only be done with real money, from deposits that do not have bonuses attached.
10. Level Up Free Spins are available for new and existing players who reach a new level in the Loyalty Program.
10.1. The free spins are added automatically to the user account as soon as the user reaches a new level.
10.2. Once the free spins have been activated, they can be played in the following games: Book of Mbit, Book of Pyramids, Cherry Fiesta, Dig Dig Digger, Domnitors Deluxe, Four Lucky Clover, Princess Royal, West Town, Monster Hunt, Savage Buffalo Spirit MEGAWAYS, Beast Band, Wild Chicago.
10.3. The bonus generated from the free spins can be wagered in Slots games.
10.4. In order to become eligible for the free spins a user needs to reach a new level in the Loyalty Program by generating Status Points through gameplay.
10.5. Each level offers a different number of spins per set as follows:

  • Dreamland II – 30 Free Spins
  • Frenzy III – 40 Free Spins
  • Zeal IV – 50 Free Spins
  • Pizazz V – 70 Free Spins
  • Thrillium VI – 100 Free Spins
  • Bliss VII – 150 Free Spins
  • Euphoria VIII – 300 Free Spins
  • Cloud IX – 600 Free Spins
  • The Moon – 1000 Free Spins

10.6. One set of free spins is added per Level Up for each user. Users are not allowed to open more than one account.
10.7. The wagering requirement of the free spins is 40x and they are available for 3 days. If the user does not activate and wager the free spins within 24 hours from the time when the bonus has been added, the initial bonus and any winnings will expire. Expired or canceled bonuses cannot be re-added.
10.8. General Player Terms and Bonus Terms apply.
11. Daily Cashback is credited once a day within 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM UTC. The percentage values for the cashback are displayed below each planet. To be eligible for the Daily Cashback, the users need to have a minimum real money loss value for the previous UTC Day greater than: 0.00074 BTC or 0.015 ETH or 50 USDT or 0.65 LTC or 360 DOG or 105 XRP or 0.12 BCH. Please bear in mind that the cashback is calculated based on the loss registered on each individual currency and does not sum up the loss from multiple currencies. Daily Cashback is capped to a maximum win per day as follows:

  • Earth - 0.012 BTC, 0.15 ETH, 2 BCH, 2.83 LTC, 2,400 DOG, 210 USDT, 560 XRP with a wagering requirement of 5x.
  • Dreamland II - 0.024 BTC, 0.35 ETH, 4 BCH, 5.66 LTC, 4,750 DOG 420 USDT, 1,120 XRP with a wagering requirement of 5x.
  • Frenzy III - 0.050 BTC, 0.70 ETH, 8.2 BCH, 11.50 LTC, 9,600 DOG, 850 USDT, 2,280 XRP with a wagering requirement of 5x.
  • Zeal IV - 0.063 BTC, 0.85 ETH, 10.20 BCH, 14.37 LTC, 12,000 DOG, 1,050 USDT, 2,850 XRP with a wagering requirement of 5x.
  • Pizazz V - 0.12 BTC, 1.70 ETH, 20 BCH, 28 LTC, 24,000 DOG, 2,150 USDT, 5,700 XRP with a wagering requirement of 5x.
  • Thrillium VI - 0.18 BTC, 2.56 ETH, 30 BCH, 43 LTC, 36,000 DOG 3,200 USDT, 8,500 XRP with a wagering requirement of 5x.
  • Bliss VII - 0.25 BTC, 3.42 ETH, 40 BCH, 57 LTC, 48,000 DOG 4,300 USDT, 11,380 XRP with a wagering requirement of 5x.
  • Euphoria VIII - 0.25 BTC, 3.42 ETH, 40 BCH, 57 LTC, 48,000 DOG, 4,300 USDT, 11,380 XRP with a wagering requirement of 4x.
  • Cloud IX - 0.25 BTC, 3.42 ETH, 40 BCH, 57 LTC, 48,000 DOG 4,300 USDT, 11,380 XRP with a wagering requirement of 3x.
  • The Moon - 0.25 BTC, 3.42 ETH, 40 BCH, 57 LTC, 48,000 DOG 4,300 USDT, 11,380 XRP with a wagering requirement of 1x.

11.1. One Cashback Bonus is allowed per one person, household, address, shared computer, or IP address. Players may not create duplicate accounts.
11.2. Only bonus-free deposits count towards the cashback. The cashback is added based on real money losses. Any bonuses do not count toward the cashback.
11.3. Daily Cashback runs in the UTC time zone from 00:00 to 23:59 GMT.
11.4. Players from the following countries are restricted from the promotion: Bulgaria (BG), Cyprus (CY), Russian Federation (RU), Lithuania (LT), Romania (RO), Ukraine (UA), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia (SI), Serbia (RS), Latvia (LV), Denmark (DK), and France (FR).
11.5. Only one bonus can be claimed at a time. Deposit-related bonuses cannot be “stacked”. mBit management reserves the right to void any bonuses and/or winnings obtained by fraudulent behavior.
11.6. You have 1 day to activate the cashback before it expires.
12. Weekly Reload Bonus is available once per week (every Friday) and based on the planet you are currently situated. For example, if a user starts playing on Sunday, the Weekly Reload will be available every Friday starting the upcoming one. To be eligible for the Weekly Reload Bonus, a user needs to have more than 3 deposits in his account’s lifetime. When a deposit bonus is attached, all funds are locked under the wagering requirement. For the cash balance to be unlocked and become cashable, the wagering requirement needs to be met.
12.1.Minimum deposit eligible for Weekly Reload on all planets is: 0.0015 BTC, 0.023 ETH, 0.37 BCH, 0.52 LTC, 648 DOG, 40 USDT, and 55 XRP
12.2. Maximum deposit eligible for Weekly Reload on all planets is: 0.70000000 BTC, 10.00000000 ETH, 125.00000000 BCH, 215.00000000 LTC, 140,000.00000000 DOG, 12,000.00000000 USDT, and 32,000.000000 XRP.
12.3.Weekly Reload’s wager requirement is 40x on every planet.
13. Reload Bonuses are available for 7 days. Weekly Free Spins and Daily Cashbacks have availability for 24 hours. Bitty Coins bonuses are available for a week (7 days) after being claimed.
14. These terms and conditions can be updated at any time by mBitcasino management.
15. Each Season allows mBitcasino to redesign, change, add or remove benefits without prior notice.
16. Any bonus and winnings will be forfeited if a player has an active bonus and attempts to use the funds on any of the games that do not contribute to the wagering requirements. Please refer to our Casino Bonus Payments section to find out more about contributions. If you made a bet on any of the restricted games by mistake, please contact our live support.
17. General bonus terms and conditions apply.
18. We may, at our sole discretion, change the terms and conditions, the promotion itself, or limit the eligibility of players to participate in this promotion, for any reason whatsoever without prior notice.
19. Acknowledge that cryptocurrency value can drastically change based on the market volatility/fluctuation. We reserve the right to update/change the limits/amounts/values of cryptocurrencies supported by the website according to the crypto market volatility/fluctuations without prior notice and/or without changing the displayed values.

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