Sic Bo Macau Craps Game Review

Macau Sic Bo is a slightly different variation to the traditional Sic Bo game designed by the same real money gaming software developer BGgaming.

Sic Bo is a game of 3 dice, but the way the betting is performed is very similar to Roulette, which is why if you played this game in a brick and mortar casino, you will see plenty of Roulette players wondering over to the Sic Bo tables.

Luckily in this version of Sic Bo, you have your own private table with no croupier pushing you on a time limit to get your bets down. This makes it the perfect game to practice your Sic Bo strategy and speed up your decision making because, in the live casinos, this game is played at a fast pace.

There are also plenty of strategies out there that can teach you how to play this game mathematically to increase your return on investment (ROI).

It is undoubtedly one of the most exciting games of dice out there and often lures players away from other dice games such as Craps.

How to Play Macau Sic Bo

At first, the betting table is daunting. After a few bets, you will soon be into the swing of the game, and believe us when we say once you get started and understand how to play it is one of those games that is very hard to drag yourself away from.

Before we go into the details of the various betting options available to you, we will explain simply how to get your bets down so those new to the game can get some practice.

To select your denominator for the currency you are using and click on the betting option available to you on the board. Once all your bets are down, click on the ‘roll’ option. 3 dice will roll and the results matched up to the bets you made on the board. If none of your bets came in, then all currency is won by the house.

If you win, then you will be paid out according to the odds displayed for the section you placed your bet. If you want to make the same bets again, then just click ‘Rebet’ or if you want to start afresh, select the ‘clear all’ option and start placing your new bets in exactly the same sequence as explained above in this section.

How to Win at Macau Sic Bo

For those of you that are new to Sic Bo, do not let the complex appearance of the betting board put you off. All you need to do is read the bet types below and you will quickly understand the options available to you.

Small/Big Betsyou will be paid 1 to 1 odds (even odds)

On this bet, regardless of the variation of Sic Bo, you play the return to player is always 97.7%. The total of 3 or a total of 18 is not included in the small/bet option.

Small Bet: You win if the total of all 3 dice comes between 4 and 10
Big Bet: You win if the total of all 3 dice comes between 11 and 17

Small/Big Bets – This betting style is generally only available on the Macau Sic Bo tables. You will be paid even odds on your bet if the total of all 3 dice is odd and you wagered odds, and the same if you wagered even and the total of all 3 dice comes to an even number.

Singles – These bets also pay even odds. You just need to bet that 1 of 3 dice will be the number you selected. You can find the single bets lined up across the bottom of the betting table from 1 to 6. You can wager as many of these numbers as you like in a single bet. However, if you bet on 2, and the result is 2-3-2, you will not be paid twice because the 2 appeared on 2 dice.

Combinations – Next up from the single bets is the second betting line. Here you can wager that out of the 3 dice rolled a particular combination of 2 will appear. You can see 1 of the options is 2-5. As a result, if the dice rolls out 2-3-5, then you win the bet because 2 of the 3 dice has a 2 and 5. You can see the odds paid for the different combinations written on each betting box.

Total – Above the combination betting boxes mean you are betting on the total of all 3 dice. Successful wagers here tend to pay more than the aforementioned betting options. You are betting on the total of the 3 dice result. For example, betting on 10 and the dice rolls out 5-4-1, then the total is 10 and you win the pay-out odds displayed on the betting option you chose.

Doubles – On the left and right-hand side at the top of the Macau Sic Bo betting board you will see the doubles bet options. On the left you can select whether you think the next 3 dice rolled will have 2 dice with the same number – 1/1, 2/2, or 3/3. On the right side, you can choose 4/4, 5/5, or 6/6.

Triples (Any) – In this section, you are wagering on all 3 dice coming up with the same number. Therefore, if a 4-4-4 or a 1-1-1 appears, you win the bet. It can be any combination of 3 to win this bet.

Specific Triple – This is similar to the betting option above except you are making a bet on the exact triple combination that comes out. If you bet 3-3-3 and this is the result, then you win, but if 4-4-4 comes out, then as you did not choose this bet, you do not win.

Specific Combination Bets – One the right-hand side of the board is another featured betting option that is found on the Macau Sic Bo style tables.

1 Wins 50: It is pretty self-explanatory if you take a good look at the boxes. The top box pays 50 to 1 for any correctly guessed combinations here. The first one in is 112, so if you bet this option and 1-1-2 rolls, then you are paid 50 to 1 on your bet.

1 Wins 30: The first box here is 126. Consequently, if the result of the dice roll shows 1-2-6, then you win 30 to 1 on your bet.


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