Sic Bo Dice Game Review

Sic-Bo by BGaming is a fast-paced game of dice often frequented by players that also like to play craps and roulette because the betting systems are similar. The term Sic-Bo means ‘dice pair’, but in this game you will be playing on a large board with not 2 dice but 3.

When you initially look at the Sic Bo board the betting system may seem quite confusing. However, it only takes a few rolls to get into the game. Once you understand the system this is arguably one of the most entertaining dice games in the casino.

How to Play Sic Bo

You have a number of betting options similar to roulette in many ways. You have the option to bet on a combination of numbers, specific numbers, high and low, etc…

Before you play, we suggest reading the next section ‘How to Win at Sic Bo’, in which the betting options are easily explained to you. Once you understand what area of betting means, take a look at the odds written on the table so you understand how much you will be paid out.

Then, select the denomination you would like to wager and place it on the betting option you want to wager. Then you can revisit the denomination area to change the bet size if you plan on making multiple bets across the Sic Bo board.

Once all your bets are set, click on the ‘Roll’ option to the right of the area you select the denomination amount. There are also (+) and (-) options here so you remove, decrease, or increase bet sizes on the areas of the board you have laid a bet.

After every roll, you can either click on ‘Rebet’ to play the same bets again or select ‘Clear’ to remove all bets from the table and start again.

How to Win at Sic Bo

As there are so many betting options, there are a variety of pay out odds that you will need to understand; especially if you want to start to play Sic Bo strategy. This is exactly why roulette players are keen on switching to Sic Bo on occasion and vice versa.

Small/Big Betsall these bets pay even odds (1 to 1)

As there are 3 dice the maximum total can be 18 and the minimum 3. The 3 and 18 totals are cut out of this system; therefore, the house gets a 2.7% edge on your small/big bets.

Small = Any total that is between 4 and 10
Big = Any total that is between 11 and 17

Singles – At the bottom of the Sic-Bo board you can bet on one of the 3 dice being a particular number. If any one of the dice rolls in that number, you will win your bet with odds paid back at even odds 1 to 1. Not that if the number 3 appears more than once, you still only get paid for the single bet.

Combinations – You will see the two dice combinations above the single number betting options. You can bet out of the 3 dice rolled, 2 of them will roll in your selected combination. If you choose to wager the 1 and 5 options and out of the 3 dice rolled a 1 and 3 appears, then you win 5 to 1 odds.

Total – Across the middle of the Sic-Bo board there are 4 to 17 written yellow. This is debatably the easiest bet on Sic Bo because all you need to do is guess the correct total of all 3 dice rolled. If you choose 17, and the total of all 3 dice rolls in at 17, then you win the odds printed on the table – in this case you win a mega 60 to 1. If you bet on the total being 7, and all 3 dice produce a total of 7, you paid back the odds printed in that section, which are 12 to 1 in this case.

Doubles – At the top of the board you can try your luck at winning some decent odds on the double bet options. This is pretty self-explanatory. You are placing a stake on the 3 dice producing a double combination. For instance, if you wager 3s, and 3-3-6 is rolled, then you win the bet with your 3 double regardless of the 6.

Triples (Any) – You can make a bet that the dice roll will produce any triple combination. That’s all there is to this bet, if 3-3-3 comes in, then you win. 4-4-4 is a win. 7-7-7 is a win and so on.

Specific Triple – This is the most difficult bet in Sic-Bo. You are betting on a specific triple to roll in. If you bet 5-5-5, and the dice produces the 5-5-5 result you win, but any other triple combination is a loss because you did not bet that specific triple combination.


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