Rocket Dice Craps Game Review

Rocket Dice is a BGaming designed casino table game that brings the classic game of Hi/Lo Dice to your casino gaming experience. Dice has long been a favorite game to wager on across all walks of life and across the globe.

The game is simple to play and with the right probability and strategy, you could end up walking away with some serious cash.

You will be able to choose from a number of options and there is a RISK feature in which you can take your winnings into a custom game of dice to double up.

How To Bet On Rocker Dice

Betting on Rocker Dice is easy to get the hang of, but it is worth reading up on some of the features so you can kick start your gaming experience with no mistakes.

Select the – or + buttons to reduce or increase your bets respectively. If you want to bet the maximum amount per roll of the dice, then select the MIN option. Likewise, to bet the maximum on your next roll of the dice then you should select the MAX option.

Once you have selected your bet amount, then you need to configure the parameters under which you want to bet. If you are someone that is very much into your strategy, then the options available are both exciting and complex. However, if you are not overly hot on the strategy and probability in dice, then configuring the terms of your bet is also fun.

You can select the number that you want to bet against by using the arrows to adjust the total shown at the top right of the dice board. Next, you select whether you want to bet on the dice roll being under or over the total you selected.

1. Configure the total you want to bet against
2. Select whether you want the result to be under or over

That is all there is to it. As you adjust the betting parameters the multiplier of your total bet will also change so you will be able to see how much the return is for each betting circumstance.

Rocket Dice Risk Game

When you win any amount on the main Rocket Dice game, you can select the RISK option. You will be launched into a game that looks complicated, but in fact, it is very simple to play.

You are presented with all 6 numbers on the 6 faces of dice. You need to choose 3 of these numbers to continue the risk game. You have the option to select ODD (1, 3, 5) or EVEN (2, 4, 6). You can also randomly select 3 numbers by clicking on them.

Once you have made your choice of 3, you click on ROLL.

If you win the bet, your win is doubled. You can choose to continue to RISK until you either select TAKE or until you lose. If you lose, then the stake that you took into the RISK game is forfeited to the house.


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