Seven Deluxe Slot Review

Seven Deluxe is an old school slot with just 10 lines and 3 reels taking you back to the good old original slot rooms, which the theme created by Booming Games cleverly depicts.

You can configure your betting parameters to bet 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 lines per spin and your ‘Bet Per Line’. There is no need to add coins to the lines. If you select ‘Bet Max’, then the slot will automatically adjust the ‘Bet Pet Line’ to the maximum bet, and the ‘Line’ bet to the maximum of 10 lines.

There is an ‘Auto’ spin feature, which when you click on this, you can configure the same parameters as explained above, but with the added ‘Number of Spins’ options. You can set the slot to auto spin 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, or 100 spins, then press accept. There is also a lightning strike button, which is there for quick spins so turn this off if you want to slow down the spins.

At the top of the screen, there is a ‘Total Bet’ indicator, so when you make adjustments, you will know exactly how much you are committing on each spin.

As for the RTP, you will be getting a 96.55% return playing the Seven Deluxe slot. Players will win by connecting symbols, the wild symbol, and middle reel x7 multiplier, plus there is a free spins round in which players can earn more cash for free and there is an interesting gamble feature with the old one-armed bandit slot coming into action.

All in all, wins will come from a variety of all features on this slot.

Seven Deluxe Sound and Graphics

If you are into the sounds of the old days when the one-armed bandits were around, then the sounds on this slot bring back old memories. The graphics and animations are also perfect. It may be an old school slot, but it comes with fully fledged 3D graphics. You can also use the sound and speaker buttons to adjust the sounds and theme tune.

Seven Deluxe Regular Payout Symbols

The highest paying symbol combination will be the 3 gold bars lined up on a pay line. This pays out 77x of the total bet per line. However, if the x7 multiplier symbol, which is on the middle reel, is inside this combination, then you will win the jackpot. You will be paid 77x your line bet, and then that amount is multiplied by x7.

You can also earn 70x your line bet for landing 3 red 7 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, which is the second highest paying symbol in the game depending on how many lines you have wagered. Next, 3 lemons are worth 25x your line bet, 3 oranges are worth 20x your line bet, 3 pineapples x7, 3 cherries x5, and 3 bells x3 times multiplier of your line bet.

Seven Deluxe Bonus Rounds

Scatter: You will need to land 3 scatters in view on the slot to turn this into a paying combination. You will be paid out 70x for having all lines activated. The multiplier is reduced if you decrease the number of lines activated.

Free Spins: After landing the scatter symbol on the reels, you will be launched into the free spins round. A random number of free spins will be awarded. All symbols will still be worth the same value as in the main game.

Gamble Feature: After every win, you can gamble. When you click to gamble you will be presented with a classic one-armed bandit slot. At the top left you have your current win and on the top right the possible win you will get if you win the gamble. The possible win is double the current win.

You will also notice 2 symbols, 1 at the bottom left, and 1 at the bottom right. You need to choose 1 of these symbols to gamble. Alternatively, you can click ‘collect’ to get out of the gamble round if you change your mind.

If you do decide to gamble, when you click on the symbol the one-armed bandit will automatically pull the lever and spin the reels. A combination of 3 symbols will always appear, and if it is the symbol you chose, then your win is doubled. You are then given the option to collect or gamble again.

Seven Deluxe Wild Symbol

There are 2 wild symbols on this slot. The gold bars are a wildcard for any other symbol in the game. Therefore, if there are 2 alike symbols on a line, and the gold bar is also present on that line, then you will have a complete combination of 3 symbols. You will be paid according to the pay table.

The second wild symbol is the diamond-studded x7 symbol. It is only present on the middle reel. If this lands into the middle of any 2 symbols, then it not only completes the combination but also adds a x7 multiplier to the value of the win.


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