Billy’s Game online slot is a 3 reel and 27 ways to win classic slot with a hint of modern video slot gaming technology integrated into its feature list. Bars and fruits pack the reels; while, in the background, there are no pay lines making this one of the only classic slot games to use the no pay line feature. The theme itself is set around Billy; a cool cigar smoking dog.

Use ‘START’ to spin the reels, and this button will turn into a ‘STOP’ skill stop feature, so players can use skill stops. The ‘AUTOSTART’ feature is there for those that prefer to use automatic spins. The auto spin feature provides an unlimited number of free spins, and you will need to stop this feature manually to avoid running through all your credits.

To make bets, use the ‘BETS’ option, which starts at 10 credits, and you will be able to make bets in multiples of 10.

This is a low variance video slot, so players will be relying on regular symbol wins. The wild symbol comes in handy very often by helping to complete combinations and giving players a decent ROI on their spin bets. However, the main idea of this slot is to keep playing in view of filling the reels with a single symbol to activate 27 combination wins in which all 27 payouts for those 3-symbol combination wins will have a x2 multiplier applied.

Billy’s Game Sound and Graphics

This is a classic slot, so the sound and graphics have been designed to provide classic slot lovers with the exact look and feel you would expect from a classic slot game. The graphics are still very clean cut and will be clearly displayed no matter the device you use.

There is only one option to control the audio, which is a mute speaker option, which will cut out all sounds. Full-screen mode is available for all devices, and those playing on smaller screens will be able to use the option to change the position of the slot controls.

Billy’s Game Regular Payout Symbols

9 symbols are rolling on the reels of the Billy’ Game slot. The top dog is Billy. He is the wild symbol as well as a paying combination. Landing 3 on the reels will pay 150 credits for every 10 credits you wager. That means if you bet 20 credits, you can expect 300 in return.

The red 7s pay 100x every 10 credits wagered for 3 symbol combinations. If you fill up every position on all 3 reels, you will be rewarded with 5,400 credits for every 10 you bet. If 3 bells land on all 3 reels in any position, you will be paid 50 credits for every 10 bets and 2,700 if all positions on the slot’s reels are filled with bells.

You will find there are 2 types of Bar symbols. They represent their own symbol combinations but will pay the same amount. 25 credits are paid for every 10 credits bet for 3 symbol combinations. However, fill the reels with either 2 bar symbols or 3 bar symbols for 1,350 credits for every 10 wagered.

Oranges, lemons, plumbs, and cherries make up for the last 4 symbol combinations. Each one pays an equal amount for 3 symbols. That is 5 credits for every 10 credits you bet, and 270 credits if the reels are filled with any one of these symbols.

Billy’s Game Bonus Features

Jackpot: The biggest win on Billy’s Game online slot comes from the red 7 symbols. There are 3 reels each with 3 positions. This makes a total of 9 positions on the reels available for symbols. If the red 7 lands on all 9 positions, then you will be paid 5,400 credits in exchange for every 10 credits you bet.

The rule is that the win amount is doubled, and as there are 27 ways to win when the reels are full of 7 symbols, you will activate all 27 ways to win. That means 27 combinations with red 7 symbols worth 100x every 10 credits wagered equating to 2,700. That win will then be doubled giving you the 5,400 credit win.

If you bet the max bet of 1,000 per spin, the payout is 540,000 credits.

Stacked Symbols: All the symbols on the reels are stacked in sets of 3. With this feature active, it means there is always a chance all 3 reels may be filled with exactly the same symbol.

27 Ways To Win: There are no pay lines so the slot just uses a set of simple rules to decide on which combinations qualify. There must be 3 symbols on consecutive reels i.e. there must be a symbol on reel 1, reel 2, and reel 3 for the combination to count as a win. It does not matter where the symbol is positioned on the reel, just as long as they run across all 3 reels, you will be paid out.

Billy’s Game Wild Symbol

Billy the cool and clean cut cat is the wild symbol. He can substitute for any other symbol on the slot by acting as a wild card.


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