Just A Bingo is a 4-card bingo game designed by Beletra. Players have 4 Bingo cards to wager and a single number dispenser that distributes 30 bingo balls per game.

How To Play Just A Bingo!

Set your bets by following the instructions in the section outlined below. Once your bets have been set, there are several configuration and game options available to you.

1. Click on the cards to change the numbers being given to you
Note that you cannot choose the numbers you want so all that will happen is that you will be given a new set of Bingo cards.

2. You can bet 1, 2, 3 or 4 Bingo cards per game
Use the red ‘stop’ button in the top right-hand corner of a card to remove it from your next betting round.

3. Set the speed of the bongo ball distribution
There is a speedometer icon that has 3 settings. Click on this to change it. The further to the right it is, the faster the balls will be distributed.

4. Click ‘Start’ or ‘Autostart’ to begin ball distribution
Using the ‘start’ button means you can play at your own pace by starting each new game manually. If you use ‘Autostart’ then you can choose to play 10, 20, 50, or 100 games or click on ‘don’t top’ for an unlimited number of games.

How Bet On Just A Bingo!

Betting is very easy on the Just A Bingo game, but how you bet depends on the device you are playing on. This is because the game interface changes to fit smaller devices for more convenient gameplay.

In all cases, you only set the ‘total bet’ per game.

The ‘total bet’ amount is then divided by the number of cards you are playing. For example, if your ‘total bet’ is 200, then your bet per card is 50.

1. Mobile Players with Small Screens
If you are playing on a device with a small screen, you will need to go to the menu option to set your bets. Set you total bet per game.

2. Desktop or Tablet Players with Larger Screens
Use the -/+ buttons that show on the left and the right of the ‘total bet’ box area.

Next Ball Bonus Offer

After every game, you will be offered the chance to buy an extra ball. The cost of 1 additional ball will be shown in the middle of the screen. You can add up to an additional 14 additional balls if you think this will help your chances of winning.

How to Get Paid

At the top of the screen, there is a row of 12 bingo cards.

Within each card, you will be able to see the combinations that equate to a winning payout and the amount you will win per card.

All that needs to happen is you hit the numbers that create the patterns in order to get paid the amount shown.

Just A Bingo Sound and Graphics

Players can load the Just A Bingo game onto any device. Smartphones come with slightly different controls to other devices with large screens and the display is also altered in order to fit a smartphone screen. Left-handed smartphone players can make the game easier to control by sending the ‘Start’ button over to the left-hand side of the screen. This can be done by going to the menu ≡ and click on the hand icon.

There is a mute button, which is the speaker button on the main Just A Bingo game interface. Another speaker button is available in the menu area with the option to mute ‘all sounds’ or ‘music’ although there is no music on this game. On top of sound options, you can configure the game to fit your screen via the full-screen mode icon. This icon can be found next to the speaker icon on the main game interface or in the menu options area.

All in all, the Just A Bingo game works well on all devices. The graphics are clear and the way the screen is laid out makes it easy for players to see the game in action even on smaller devices.


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