88 Bingo 88 is a 4-card bingo produced by Belatra. This is a Chinese style game of Bingo that may look complex at first sight, but it is extremely easy to play once you get the hang of the rules.

The key is just being able to set up your betting conditions correctly to suit the limits that you want to play.

How to Configure the Betting Parameters on 88 Bingo 88

To set your bets simply use the ‘TOTAL BET’ box. There are +/- options to increase or decrease your total bet. The amount that is shown in the ‘TOTAL BET’ box will be divided by the number of bingo cards you choose to wager.

For example, if you bet the minimum of 20 and have 4 cards on the Bingo board, then each card will have 5 credits wagered. If you remove one of those 4 cards, then the total bet will be reduced to 15 credits and the remaining 3 cards will still have 5 credits applied.

For high rollers, there is a ‘MAX BET’ option, which will activate all 4 cards and the highest total allowed in the ‘TOTAL BET’ box. Plus, there is an ‘AUTOSTART’ feature with several options to set the game up to automatically bet again.

Finally, there is a small clock counter icon that can be used to dictate the speed in which numbers are ejected into the results box, which is located below the bingo cards and above the betting interface.

Removing the number of cards wagered

The default number of cards is 4. If you prefer to bet fewer cards, then in the top right-hand corner of each card there is a red ‘stop’ button with a ‘-‘ symbol. Just click on this to remove the card from your next round of betting.

When you remove a card, the figure in the ‘TOTAL BET’ box will be reduced by 25% for each card you subtract from the game.

Adding a card for your next bet

If you want to add the card back into the mix, there is a ‘+’ sign in the red circle. Click on this and the card will be added. When this happens, the ‘TOTAL BET’ box will be increased by 25% for each additional card added to the next round of betting.


When you press start, 30 numbers will randomly eject from the center area of the game. As the numbers fly out, they will be added into the results box.

If any of the cards have any of the numbers that are ejected, then that number will be struck off the card. Each number can be used on multiple cards. For example, if cards 2 and 4 have the number 50, and 50 comes out as one of the resulting numbers, then that number will be struck off both cards 2 and 4.

This is the easiest part of the game because all you need to do is sit there and wait for all 30 numbers to eject and the result of the betting round will then be displayed in the center circle of the screen.

How To Win Playing 88 Bingo 88

At the top of the screen, there are 12 sequences. These are similar to lines on a slot game. Below each of these sequences is the total payout for successfully landing the numbers according to the patterns shown on the box.


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