Are you ready for a crazy time?

Great, because Crazy Time gambling is going to make your head explode!

This unique, live-wheel game show has a live audience, show host, and 2 game sections that deliver jaw-dropping prizes.

The best part about it is that each player can win different prizes or multipliers depending on their bets, all at the same time! In other words, it's the most exciting online live wheel of fortune show you can play with your friends or strangers.

Moreover, crypto Crazy time is the most expensive game ever created. It costs over 1 million a year (every year) to produce. It’s also one of the reason Evolution Gaming won the Innovation in Casino Entertainment Award at the 2020 SBC Awards. What’s more is that it recorded 7 and 8 figure payouts including a whopping 21 million euro payout in November via the Pachinko bonus round.

And the good news is that you can play it at mBitcasino!

There's no shortage of entertainment and prizes when it comes to a bitcoin Crazy Time casino game. There are six aspects of the game you need to pay close attention to; the money wheel, the Top Slot above the money wheel, and the 4 bonus games: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time.

You can hit a max win of up to 20,000x your stake without the bonus games!

Add the bonus games multipliers, which are 25,000x your stake, and we're talking about some real crazy wins right there.

So, if you too want to trigger some wins as crazy as this game is, then you should do it right now at mBitcasino!


Discover how the Crazy Time gambling live game works and how much each game round can help you win. Check out how you can win big during all of the following rounds:


During the main game, there's a Top Slot and the Money Wheel that spin together at the start of every round. The Top Slot can randomly generate one multiplier for one random bet spot (number of bonus games). When the Top Slot multiplier horizontally aligns with the bet spot, then you've hit a match, and the multiplier will be added to the bet spot!

Depending on where the main wheel stops, aka what's the bet spot, the multiplier will multiply a bet on a number or multiply the multipliers in a bonus game.

All participants can watch the bonus game. However, only the lucky players who have better on the winning bet spot can play and win.


This bonus game offers 108 random multipliers! All you have to do is aim the cannon at the icon you think hides the biggest multiplier. Shoot your shot and wait for the result!

In other words, Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery covered with icons that are constantly shuffling once the countdown starts. Each player has to shoot as many icons they can before the countdown stops and then enjoy the multiplier won!

Shoot for the multiplier and land among the winners!


This bonus game requires a coin flip to determine de multiplier!

The coin has two sides, one red and one blue. Before the flip, the machine will show which multiplier each side can offer. Once the flip is done, the players will receive the multiplier assigned to the color of the side-up coin.


During this bonus game, the presenter will drop a puck down a large Pachinko wall. The puck will bounce from one peg to another until it reaches the ground. If the puck lands on the 'Double' value, all the multipliers are doubled, and the presenter will have to drop the puck again. This can happen again and again until the 10,000x multiplier is reached.


This one is every player's dream come true!

Once the Crazy Time bonus game is triggered, the show host will enter through a door into a virtual world with a gigantic money wheel and even a train!

Before the massive wheel is spun, each player must select a colored flapper: blue, green, or yellow. After that, the host will press a big red button, and the wheel will begin to spin. Players will have an individual win depending on their bet and where the flappers land.

If one or more flappers land on a DOUBLE or TRIPLE, the multipliers will double or triple, and the wheel will be spun again. We bet those lucky players will be out of their minds with excitement, especially when the maximum multiplier win can be up to 20,000x!

During this round, those who aren't that lucky can watch the outcome and wait for their next turn to shine. There are plenty of opportunities to win; all you need is a bit of patience and luck.

And if you're wondering if there are any bitcoin Crazy Time strategies to win, then look no further than our blog. We have The Best 3 Crazy Time Strategies You Need to Win Big. Check it out now and enjoy some of the craziest wins you've ever had!

Crazy Time FAQ

How many Bonus Rounds does the game have?

Crazy Time has 4 bonus rounds: Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and the Crazy Time Bonus Wheel.

What is the maximum win?

The maximum win on Crazy Time ( without multipliers) is 20,000x your stake.

Can I play Crazy Time in demo mode?

At a crypto Crazy Time casino online, you can play for free or watch the action unfold. Being a spectator allows you to take the game in and devise some winning strategies.

Where can I play Crazy Time with crypto?

You can play Crazy Time with BTC, ETH, BCH, DOGE, LTC, and USDT at mBitcasino!

Can I Play BTC Crazy Time at mBitcasino?

Yes, you can play Crazy Time at mBitcasino right now! If you're already a member, simply join, and you can enjoy the game either in view mode or as a player. If you're not a member, you should sign up right away: it's free, and we have daily promos available along with a generous welcome package.


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