Lucky Streak 3 is the third instalment of this popular video slot series by Endorphina. The game features the smallest reel, which has a 3x3 layout and a maximum of 5 pay lines. The bonus features are rather limited, with no wild symbol and only a risk game available after you land a winning spin. The game’s RTP is 96% and the win variance is rated as ‘medium’.

How to Bet

The three bet settings are located in the top and bottom left-hand corners. In the top left-hand corner, you can select the value of all coins used in the game. The options are 0.05, 0.1, and 0.2

The ‘bet’ and ‘lines’ settings adjust how many coins you bet each spin. The ‘bet’ options change how many coins you bet per pay line, with 1 – 10 coins available. There are 1 – 5 ‘lines’ available. The ‘Total Bet’ is the number of ‘lines’ multiplied by the ‘bet’.

The game has an autoplay feature which can be activated in the bottom right-hand corner. The settings are located in the game menu and allow you to choose between 10 – 999 spins to play with the same bet. There are also different stop conditions like playtime, balance decrease, balance increase, and single payout.

Lucky Streak 3 Video Slot Sound and Graphics

Lucky streak 3 has a black background with vibrant red/orange flames coming out from behind the reels. The reels are white with golden borders. There isn’t any game music, but various subtle spin and win sounds can be heard. When you land a winning combination, the payout symbols are set alight. You can adjust the graphics and volume settings in the game menu.

Lucky Streak 3 Payout Symbols

All traditional video slot symbols are used in Lucky Streak 3. There are no wild and scatter symbols, only 2 high-value symbols, 4 medium-value symbols, and 1 low-value bar symbol.

The 2 high-value symbols are the flaming 7s and the golden stars. The flaming 7s have a maximum payout of 7,500 coins (750 coins per ‘bet’). The golden stars payout up to 2,000 coins (200 coins per ‘bet’).

The medium-value symbols are the different fruit: plums, lemons, cherries, and grapes. All of these medium-value symbols payout a maximum of 400 coins (40 coins per ‘bet’). The bar symbol is the only low-value payout, with a maximum of 50 coins (5 coins per ‘bet’).

Because of the small reel layout, all symbols can only be combined 3 times.

How to Read the Paytable

The paytable is available in the game menu and lists all the coin payouts of the different symbols. The number of coins you win is dependent on your chosen ‘bet’ – which you can adjust while in the paytable menu. To calculate the cash value of these payouts, multiply the number of coins won by the coin value selected when placing your bet. For example, if you chose a coin value of 0.05 and you win a payout of 500 coins, the cash value is 25.

Lucky Streak 3 Online Slot Features

Bonus Risk Game is available after every winning combination. When you receive a payout the ‘Take Win’ and ‘Take Risk’ buttons will appear. Click the ‘Take Risk’ button to enter the separate bonus game screen. Here you can select one of 4 face-down cards. If your selected card is a high value than the dealer’s card, you win double your money and can play again up to 10 times in a row. You can cancel the game at any point before selecting a card by clicking on the ‘Take Win’ button.

Wild Symbols

The game does not have any wild symbols.


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