Ancient Troy Dice is the dice variation of the other Endorphina video slot game titled ‘Ancient Troy’. The game has the same 5x3 reel size and 25 configurable pay lines. You can also find the same payout, wild and scatter symbol designs. Game features include free games and, after winning spins, you can double your money using the bonus card prediction risk game. Ancient Troy Dice has a return to player percentage of 96% and an unknown win variance.

How to Bet

To adjust the ‘Total Bet’, use the two settings in the bottom left-hand corner. The ‘bet’ setting changes the number of coins you bet per pay line, while the ‘lines’ setting changes how many pay lines you use. The bet options are between 1 – 10 and the line options are between 1 – 25.

The value of these coins is assigned in the top left-hand corner and determines the cash value of your spins and potential payouts. The options are 0.05, 0.1, and 0.2. Multiply the ‘Total Bet’ by the coin value to calculate the cash value of your spin. For example, 0.05 multiplied by 100 coins is 5.

Ancient Troy Dice Video Slot Sound and Graphics

This game uses high-quality dice symbols and a reel that takes up most of the screen. On the sides of the reel, you can make out carved marble statues and a crystal blue sky. There are ancient instrumental music and exciting win sounds. Each high-value symbol also has its own unique animation. In the game menu, are the ‘Graphics’ and ‘Volume’ settings.

Ancient Troy Dice Payout Symbols

There are 12 dice payout symbols, including a wild and scatter symbol. The 5 high-value symbols are Achilles, Hector, Helen, swords, and a helmet. Achilles pays out the highest, with 5 symbols offering a maximum payout of 8,000 coins. The highest paying symbols in the game are, however, the wild and scatter symbols. The scatter symbol pays out up to 50,000 coins depending on your ‘bet’ and ‘lines’ configuration.

The low-value symbols are the different dice numbers 2 – 6. The 6 offers the highest payout of 2,000 coins.

All symbols can be combined 3, 4, or 5 times.

How to Read the Paytable

The payouts listed on the paytable are all in coins. To calculate the cash value of the payout, multiply the number of coins by your chosen coin value. For example, 500 coins multiplied by a coin value of 0.05 equals a cash value of 25.

Ancient Troy Dice Online Slot Features

Free Games: 3 more scatter symbols trigger 10 free games with 2 Troyan Jokers per spin. During free games, all spins use the same bets and lines as normal play and you can win the feature again by landing 3 more scatter symbols. The Troyan Jokers are wilds symbols that substitute for all symbols, except scatter, and multiply wins 1 – 3 times. If you land two Troyan Jokers in the same combination, their multipliers will be added together.

Bonus Risk Game: You can wager your winnings in the bonus risk game after every winning spin. Click ‘Take Risk’ to choose one of four cards. If your card is higher than the dealer’s card, you win double your money and can play the game up to a maximum of 10 times in a row.

Wild Symbols

The Wild Trojan Horse symbol is available during normal gameplay and substitutes for all symbols, except scatter, and also triggers payouts when combined 3 – 5 times. During free spins, the Troyan Jokers are an extra wild symbol that also multiplies wins up to 3x.


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