American Roulette is a table game designed by Beletra adding the company’s huge mix of slot games.

The average Return to Player (RTP) on an American Roulette table comes to 94.74%. This equals a house edge of 5.26%, which is purely due to the fact that American roulette tables use double 0 – ‘0’ and ‘00’.

There are 3 different min/max tables, which you will be presented with when you begin:

· Min Bet of 5 up to a Max Bet of 500
· Min Bet of 2 up to a Max Bet of 150
· Min Bet of 1 up to a Max Bet of 50

The best way to win playing American roulette is by using the history board that tells which numbers have previously landed on the roulette wheel. As an additional feature, this roulette table also tells you which numbers are hot and cold.

Straight bets pay the most but rarely come in; while, outside bets are more likely to land you regular wins, but the return on your investment is low.

How to Play European Roulette

You will be presented with a number of chip denominations. Just choose your chip denominator by clicking on it, then select your bet by clicking on an area of the roulette board.

Once all your bets are down, hit the ‘start’ button and wait for the wheel to spin. The ball will land on a number, and all winning bets will be paid out accordingly.

Autostart Feature

Autostart means that you can spin the wheel multiple times without having to manually press start. If you use this feature, then you cannot change your bets. Some players like this style of betting because they are betting using probability. The more you change your numbers, the more chance there is of missing that number. Hence, autostart is popular.

Crown Chip Feature

When you have a certain bet size that you regularly use, the crown bet chip is perfect. For instance, if your favorite bet amount is 15, that chip domination is not available. However, you can set the crown chip to be worth 15 allowing to bet in multiples of 15.

How to Play Outside Bets

Outside bets allow you to place low-risk wagers on betting options with low payouts:

· Black or Red
Even Odds - known as 1 to 1
RTP: 46.37%

· High (19-36) or Low (1-18)
Even Odds - known as 1 to 1
RTP: 46.37%

· Even or Odd
Even Odds - known as 1 to 1
RTP: 46.37%

· Dozen Bets
2 to 1 payout
RTP: 31.58%

· Column Bets
2 to 1 payout
RTP: 31.58%

All these bets are on the outside of the roulette board and are clearly marked. Place your chip on the outside bet you want to wager, and then click ‘start’ to spin the wheel.

How to Play Inside Bets

Inside bets come in 6 variations on this American roulette table. Chips are placed directly on the numbers. You can also place chips on the lines in between or in the middle of a set of numbers to wager 2, 3, 4, or 6 numbers with a single chip.

· Straight Bet
36x the bet value paid back
RTP: 2.63%

· Split Bet
18x the bet value paid back
RTP: 5.26%

· Street Bet
12x the bet value paid back
RTP: 7.89%

· Corner/Square Bet
9x the bet value paid back
RTP: 10.53%

· Top Line or 5 Numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3)
7x the bet value paid back
RTP: 13.16%

· Six Line Bet
6x the bet value paid back
RTP: 15.79%

American Roulette Information Page

If you visit the menu, then you will be able to go to the information page and see the bets displayed in the images that depict every betting option you have.

· Select the menu option - ≡
· In the menu go to information - ⓘ


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