Blackjack by Platipus is a traditional blackjack game that takes place on a green felt table with wooden edging. There are no side bets in this game, but they do allow you to ‘double’ your bet at the beginning of your hand regardless of the dealer’s face-up card. This game has relatively low stakes with bets ranging from 0.5 – 10.

How To Bet On Blackjack by Platipus

Blackjack by Platipus follows the traditional blackjack rules of betting and starts with the initial betting round. In the bottom left-hand corner, you will find a chip button with a ‘+’ sign. Click the button and the different bet options will appear, including 0.5, 1, 2, 5, and 10. Once you have selected your preferred bet, you need to click on the bet position in the bottom middle of the screen to place your bet. The ‘clear’ and ‘bet’ buttons will then appear in the bottom right-hand corner and you can begin playing the game.

Once you start the game, you have two other betting options:

1. Double – This option is only available after you have received your first two cards and can only be used before you receive a 3rd card. By clicking on this button you will bet another amount equal to your initial bet and will receive a 3rd card. Your turn ends immediately after choosing this option.

2. Insurance – Insurance only appears when the dealer’s faceup card is an ace. In this situation, there is a chance that the dealer has blackjack and you can take out insurance by betting an additional 50% of your initial bet.

How To Win On Blackjack by Platipus

Winning in Blackjack is the same as traditional blackjack with no side bets and can occur in two situations:

1. If your cards are higher than the dealer’s (without going bust) you will win double your money. If, however, you win by getting blackjack, you will be paid out 3:2. This is the traditional way to win in blackjack.

2. The second way to win is by taking out insurance. If the dealer’s face-up card was an Ace and you opted for insurance, you have another way of winning. If, once the dealer’s cards are revealed, they have blackjack, instead of losing you will win 2:1 your initial wager. If the dealer did not have blackjack the game will continue as normal and you will forfeit your 50% insurance wager.

How to Play Blackjack by Platipus

Blackjack by Platipus is a very easy game to understand, even for those who are unfamiliar with the blackjack card game. The game is divided into 3 rounds:

1. Initial Betting Phase – In the initial betting phase you will have to place a bet according to the instructions above. Once you have placed your bet the ‘clear’ and ‘deal’ buttons will appear in the bottom right-hand corner. By clicking on ‘deal’ you will start the game. You and the dealer will then be dealt two cards each.

2. Decision Phase – Once you have received your first two cards you can then make a decision on how you will proceed. Most of the time you will only be able to ‘double’, ‘stand’, or ‘hit’, but occasionally the ‘insurance’ or ‘split’ options will also be available. Double and hit will both give you an extra card, while standing will mean you end your turn. If you have two of the same cards, for example, two kings, you will be able to ‘split’ your cards into two hands with the same bet and be able to play these hands separately against the dealer.

3. Reveal Phase – In the final stage, once you ‘stand’, the dealer will then reveal their hand and play out accordingly. In this game, the dealer must draw to 16 and will stand on all 17s. If your hand is higher than the dealer’s, and you didn’t go bust (over 21), you will win. If your hand is lower or you went bust in the previous phase, you will lose.


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