Baccarat VIP is another baccarat game developed by Platipus Gaming, except this one is designed for those interested in higher stake gaming. Here you can bet between 2 – 100 cash depending on your selected bet. A shoe of 6 decks is used and the traditional baccarat bet/draw rules are followed. New gamers and experienced players alike will be able to enjoy this easy-to-understand betting game.

How To Bet On Baccarat VIP by Platipus

The main aspect of Baccarat VIP is betting. This is the only part of the game that the player has control over, but very little skill is involved because you need to place your bets before any cards are revealed. Before you can place a bet you need to select a coin denomination in the bottom left-hand corner (desktop and mobile versions). The coin denomination options are 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50. You can then click on the following three bet options:

1. Player Win – On the left-hand side (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile) is the player win betting space. You can bet between 2 – 50 on this option.
2. Banker Win – On the right-hand side (desktop) or in the middle (mobile) is the banker win betting space. The minimum and maximum bets are 2 and 50 respectively.
3. Tie – You can also bet on a tie by clicking on the middle betting space (desktop) or the top betting space (mobile). The minimum bet is still 2, but the maximum bet for this option increases to 100.

You can choose to bet on a single bet option, two bet options, or all three of the bet options. Regardless of which bet options you choose, you will need to have a minimum bet of 2 on the board before you can click the ‘Deal’ button in the bottom right-hand corner (desktop and mobile).

How To Win On Baccarat VIP by Platipus

To win on Baccarat VIP you need to look at which bet you selected. You can only win if you placed a bet on that option. For example, if you bet on the banker to win, you will only earn money if that outcome occurs. This goes for all three betting options.

When determining whether the player won, the dealer won, or there was a tie, you need to consider the value of the two hands. The value of the hands is based on the cards that make it up, according to the following:

● Ace = 1 point
● 2 – 9 = face value of the card
● 10, Jack, Queen, and King = No value

By adding the value of the cards up, you will determine the overall value of the hand. These values are then compared to determine which hand won or if there was a tie. If the first two cards exceed the value of 9, then the 2nd digit of the value is taken as the hand value. For example, if the first two cards are an 8 and a 4, the value is 12 but the hand value will be 2.

Winning bets payout as follows:

● Winning bets on the player’s hand payout 1:1
● Winning bets on the banker’s hand payout 1:1 minus a 5% commission (0.95:1)
● Winning bets on a tie payout the highest of 8:1

How to Play Baccarat VIP by Platipus

Baccarat is a straightforward betting game with no other decisions needing to be made. All you need to do is choose your bet at the start of the game according to the instructions above and click ‘deal’. Two cards are drawn and if necessary a third card will be drawn. A third card is drawn according to the draw rules which can be viewed from the ‘Info’ page on the game menu. Once the draw rules have been met, the value of the hands are compared and winning bets are paid out.


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