Multihand Blackjack Pro Table Game Review

For those that know their 4-deck basic strategy and want to run through their variations fast, then Multihand Blackjack Pro from BGgaming’s cryptocurrency casino gaming designers is a great choice.

Multihand Blackjack Pro provides you with a private virtual black table, so you will be playing real money or crypto with you being the only player up against the dealer.

This particular game of blackjack derives from the seventies style Las Vegas Strip rules and comes with a 99.22% RTP, which means the house edge is only 0.78% giving players a decent chance at getting their money back and to stay on the table for longer.

The idea of this version of blackjack is to give players a low house edge, which means an increased payout ratio.

On top of the low house edge (or high RTP depending on how you look at it), there is a bonus bet option that pays back a bonus reward if a Jack lands as your first card.

The dealer will always stand when the total value of the dealer's hand equals 17 or more. For minimum and maximum bets, check the min/max bet board at the top right-hand side of the table. The amount will be displayed according to the currency that you use.

How To Bet On Multihand Blackjack Pro

There are 3 circles on the board closest to you and 3 more that are above these circles. The topmost circles are for the bonus bet, while the circles nearest to you are for the blackjack bets. Select the circle you want to bet on and then select the denominator you want to bet.

Click on the circle to place the bet. You can bet all 3 positions, just 2 positions or a single position. The same applies to the bonus bets.

Once the game is over, you can place exactly the same bets by selecting REBET or you can start afresh by selecting the NEW BETS options.

SPLIT: If your hand is dealt a pair, then you can split your cards into 2 separate hands. You will need to place a bet equal to the amount your originally wagered on the hand. If you have two cards of the value of 10, then you can split in this variation of blackjack.

DOUBLE: If you are given the option to double, then you can double your bet on the hand and you will receive just one more card and then forced to STAND.

How To Win On Multihand Blackjack Pro

The idea of the game is to beat the dealer by getting a hand that total closer to 21 compared to the hand the dealer shows. You will always be dealt your cards first, and the dealer will be dealt the last hand with one of those cards face up and the other face down.

You will be able to HIT to get more cards in order to increase the total value of your hand. The other option is to STAND if you feel another card will make your hand total exceed the 21 limit and send you bust, which would mean losing the bet. Aces can be a value of 1 or 11, all picture cards have a value of 10, and all other cards are worth the number written on them.

Once all your hands are complete, the dealer will then hit or stand according to the table rules, which states the dealer will STAND on all combined card values that total 17+ in the dealer’s hand.

Lose = You forfeit your wager to the house
Win = 1 to 1 paid back (even odds on your bet paid back)
Blackjack = 3 to 2 paid back
Draw/Tie = Your bet will be pushed (returned)

In all situations when you bet 3 hands it is good to understand basic strategy as you will know when to HIT, SPLIT, DOUBLE, and STAND according to the dealer’s face up card and your hand. This is perfect when you STAND on low scoring hands and the dealer goes bust because you win all hands.

Bonus Bets On Multihand Blackjack Pro

Betting on the bonus is simple. Just click the denominator and select the bonus circle you want to wager. Please note that you cannot bet on the bonus without also betting a hand. Also, note that each bonus is played separately according to your hand.

To win the bonus bet, your first card in the hand the bonus bet applies to needs to be a Jack or two Jacks. See the payout below for your bonus reward.

0 Jacks = You forfeit your wager to the house
Pair of Jacks = 25x multiplier of your bet
First Card Jack = 10x multiplier of your bet
Pair of Jack of Spades = 100x multiplier of your bet


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