Multihand Blackjack Table Game Review

Multihand Blackjack has been designed and released by the very experienced online real money gaming producers of the BGaming studio.

You will be playing with 6 decks of cards and the dealer will stand on ALL 17s in this game regardless of soft or hard 17 outcomes.

Expect the very best virtual blackjack experience on a well-designed private virtual table that allows you to play blackjack using your favorite cryptocurrencies. Just select the crypto you want to play with or select the demo mode to get your multi-hand blackjack experience on the way.

This multiplayer blackjack table is your own private virtual table with no other players to interfere or slow you down. This makes multi hand blackjack the ideal variation to get through your hand variations quickly.


Winning hands pay 1 to 1
· Blackjack pays 3 to 2
· Ties will be pushed

Play 2 to 3 Hands At Once

As this is multihand blackjack, you can choose to play 1, 2, or 3 hands at once. Play as many single hand games as you like, play 2 hands every go, or 3 hands every go. Or you can simply switch it up depending on your mood, strategy, or gut feeling!

How To Place Bets On Multihand Blackjack

You will be sat in the center seat on the blackjack table which is where you will be controlling the amount you bet per hand.

Here is a rundown of the actions you will take to play a hand:

A: Select the spot you want to bet on

There are 3 positions to wager on – these are all represented by circles. Click on the circle to indicate which position on the table you are betting i.e. click on the left circle to play this position, click on the center circle to play this position, and click on the right circle to play this position.

If you only play single hand blackjack, you can choose to play any one of the 3 positions available – there is no restriction to which spot play.

B: Selecting your bet denominator

After you click on the circle, you need to select the denominator you want to play on that spot. You can place up to the maximum bet in any combination of denominators you have available to you.

Please note that you do not have to worry about going over the ‘Maximum Bet’ because as soon as you try to place an amount that exceeds the max bet amount, an error message will appear letting you know that this bet is not possible.

C: Playing the game and betting again

After you have placed your total bets on each position, click on ‘DEAL’. All positions will deal out your first card. After the game has finished, you can choose to ‘DEAL’, which will restart the betting with exactly the same amounts you selected in the previous deal.

If you would like to change the amount you bet as well as the number of positions you are wagering, simply click on ‘NEW BETS’.

How To Play Multihand Blackjack

All you need to do is get a hand closer to 21 compared to the dealer’s hand. If you go over 21, then your hand will be bust and the house automatically wins. You should note that you will always play before the dealer plays.

You have 2 main options after the dealer has dealt you your cards. You will start with the position furthest to the right of the screen in which you can choose to:


‘Stand’ – no more cards will be dealt into you
· ‘Hit’ – another card will be dealt into your hand
· ‘Double’ – if your hand has a value of 9, 10, or 11 – you can double your bet for that hand
· ‘Split’ – when you have 2 cards of the same value you can split


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